Max Clayton Clowes

I am a Product Manager with a diverse software engineering and design background. I use my background to get the best out of my developement peers, and the best for my developer users. Intuition lead, data backed. I've been delivering websites and apps for 10+ years. DoY's Young Entrepreneur Award winner as a founder.

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🧠 Thoughts

New role: Senior PM @ Codat

I'm excited to have started at Codat as Senior Product Manager for Launch

Instant Loan Offers

A project with Swoop

New role: PM @ Swoop Funding

I've joined Swoop as Product Manager, APIs

A chart plotting coronavirus data

Diving into UK Coronavirus data

This is an attempt at visualising the state of play of Coronavirus in the UK. Here I analyse the UK government's official data.

Habit tracking

Distinguishing between a habit and a task

New role: FE engineer @ Pollen

I'm looking forward to joining Pollen's engineering team very shortly!

Creating mailto: links that actually work

mailto: provides a way of creating hyperlinks in websites that will tell your computer to open the default mail client...

Keeping party members in the loop

Today was my first day at Labour Party Conference 2018, representing Hornsey and Wood Green constituents...

Interview with Habitify

An interview with Habit Tracking tool Habitify on how I use it for language learning, exercising, and more!

New role: Software Engineer @ Workshare

I'll shortly be starting as an FE software engineer at Workshare

Electronic policy-based voting

On the 3rd of May the UK heads back to the polling stations to vote in local elections...

Winning the Durham University Blueprint Enterprise Competition

The Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Awards and Enterprise in the North of England

This week I was honoured to receive the 2017 Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Award

5 Reasons to Keep a Notebook

…or why writing down things is really important!

Codogo Write

Our document writing project, Codogo Write

Clarity within modern Login and Sign Up systems

Nit-picking Medium’s approach to login and sign up

Watership Down Enterprises

Marketing website for the estate of the author Richard Adams

Durham sky

The Use of Genetic AI in the Balancing of Competitive Multiplayer Games

This is a summary of my final year Computer Science BSc dissertation at Durham University.

The Web Isn’t A4

Why the document creation tools we use today are holding us back